Aquarium Test Tube Holder, Hand-Made Rack, with 6 Holes and 6 Drying Poles, customized for use with Aquarium Test Tubes Including API Test Tubes, by Tililly Concepts



  • Will safely hold 6 test tubes – no more trying to use generic racks with holes too large!
  • Made of shatter-resistant acrylic; rinse and dry your test tubes on the drying poles.
  • Compatible with both API and Tililly Concepts 5 ml aquarium test tubes (13mm diameter).
  • Complements all API freshwater and saltwater tests.
  • Please note, test tubes are not included in this offer.
  • Product description

    As we work to deliver an amazing product, it had been brought to our attention that some racks were impacted by a gluing issue. The racks have been redesigned to create more surface area for the adhesive to bind the hand-assembled parts – this we trust will take care of the gluing issue that afflicted some racks in the past.

    PLEASE NOTE: test tubes are NOT included in this offer.

    We are aware that some customers would prefer longer drying posts, however, there were a few reasons we decided against this in the design phase:
    With the racks being handmade, the poles are more prone to detaching/ breaking in transit through the e-commerce chain even when well-packaged (more packaging = more plastic waste as this product requires bubble bags).
    Secondly, the tubes dry completely within 48 hours even if they touch the bottom of the rack – and this is the conservative time it takes on very humid days when drying takes longer.
    Please do not place rack inside a cupboard when drying test tubes.

    UPDATE: Thanks to excellent customer feedback we’ve made a design modification to create an air gap for efficient drying of tubes without the need for longer poles. Please see the third image.

Specifications for this item
Brand Name Tililly Concepts
Color Sheer
Ean 0037203775503
Material Acrylic
Number of Items 1
Part Number na
Specification Met
UNSPSC Code 42000000
UPC 037203775503