CAT SCHOOL Clicker Training Kit for Cats – Clicker Training Tools with Fun and Easy Step-by-Step Lessons. Teach Your Cat to Fist Bump!



  • HAPPY CATS AND HAPPY OWNERS – An easy to follow training program with everything you need to improve your cat’s behavior and increase their activity. Includes training tools (target stick and clicker) plus illustrated training guide. Created by an animal behaviorist
  • OVERCOME BOREDOM – Training sessions are an excellent outlet for your cat’s energy. End those 3 am wake-up calls with a short training session before bed.
  • REDUCES BITING AND AGGRESSION – Rewarding appropriate behaviors helps to eliminate unwanted behaviors
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED – Reduces stress, unwanted behaviors and improves cat welfare
  • STRENGTHENS THE CAT-HUMAN BOND – Provides the daily positive human-cat interaction that every cat needs
  • Product description

    The Cat School training kit includes everything you need to have a better relationship with your cat. The illustrated training guide is easy to use and follow. With simple clicker training methods, you will be surprised how quickly your cat learns and how much they enjoy their training sessions. Train for a few minutes per day, and watch your cat become happier and more affectionate. Created by an animal behaviorist to help improve cats’ behavior, and strengthen the cat-human bond.