Dog Puzzle Toys Puppy, Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toy, Treat Dispenser for Dogs Training Funny Feeding, ABS Colorful Design Slow Feeder to Aid Pets Digestion



Color: Higher Level-Navy A

Target Species Dog & Cat
Brand Joansan
Color Higher Level-Navy A
Material Plastic
Unit Count 1.00 Count

About this item

  • 【DOG LOVE PUZZLE GAME Large dogs, puppy & cats beginner are all LOVE playing the dog puzzle toys , the dog game of SPIN & SLIDE, HIDE, & SEEK highly interested dogs and cats. The dog puzzle brain game can highly encourage pet’s natural hunting instincts , keep smart dogs trying to figure it out through steps, using their nose & paws skills. Dogs would get exciting and active , they don’t feel bored .
  • 【CHALLENGING DOG PUZZLE TOYS】Our dog puzzles for smart dog is designed with more challenging skills , not too easy. Your pups have to learn how to combine multiple steps to retrieve the hidden treat. They need to learn how to move the red round slider to the center for hide food with a right point. And when want to spin the centre wheel , have to slide the red slider away . At first try, smart pets feel hard to finish the game in seconds, keep long interest in playing.
  • 【INTERACTIVE DOG TOYS 】The puzzle game toy for dogs can SOLO play by pets , but as well as an great interactive dog puzzle for fun. Offering an interactive puzzle game between you and your pups, you would like to spend time with your dog baby to teach and praise, reward them when they finish the challenge. And they are happy to see you are proud of them when work through the puzzle and figure it out. Your both relation would be improved and both feel happy during the interactive puzzle training.
  • 【SAFE & STURDY DOG PUZZLES】Our dog puzzle toy is well made and super cute with new fashion design. Puzzles toy is durable and food grade material .Easily water cleaning. NO removable sliders in the puzzle box, prevent chewing & choking. We design the brain game dog toy bigger size than other dog puzzles, suit for smart dogs , puppies, cats & other small animals pet pig and hamster etc.. also good for large dogs mental exercise & feeding .
  • 【TREAT TRAINING FOOD PUZZLE TOY】Except dog games , it is a great food puzzle feeder toy for treat training. Daily use it as a treat-dispenser or food slow feeder bowl .Training your pups to get fun feeding by putting kinds of other snacks, reward pets after training. Or slow down the feeding time for the problem of poor appetite & polyphagy , improve the pups digestion and bad eating habit .

  • Product Description

    Dog Enrichment Puzzle Toys

    dog puzzle

    Interactive Dog Educational IQ Game Toy

    Why do dogs need a Dog Puzzle ?

    • Dogs Need Mental Exercise &IQ Stimulation: This advanced dog toy provides IQ stimulation to keep dog’s mind alert and improve pets skills .
    • Dog love PUZZLE GAME : the game of SPIN&SLIDE and SEEK &HIDE will highly encourage your pets natural hunting sense.
    • Fun training improve skills :The interactive dog puzzle toys keep pups busy with nose and paws to find treat , develop dogs skills , reducing dogs’ boredom and prevent pets destructive behavior at house.


    How to use the puzzle for playing ?

    • Total 15 holes and sliders for dogs moving in the box.
    • Put dog’s food or snacks in the holes and cover them, Dog can learn to use his legs or mouth to move the sliders to figure out the food, a simply way to keep dogs entertained with their sense skill and mind.
    • With the works of figure out food, dogs would become active and busy , their mental get stimulation and exercise.


    puzzle 1

    Dog Puzzle Toys for Smart Dogs

    1. The puzzle game is good for training kinds of pets, puppy ,cats and small dogs .
    2. Interactive Dog Toy for Mental Training indoor or outdoor:


    • Dogs and cats need interactive time that will help them become active and busy
    • A Simply game way to train your pets more smarter. You would enjoy an interactive time with your pets with a puzzle game way .
    • Perfect Toys for Outdoor& Indoor Training

      outdoor puzzle

      Why our blue puzzle toy BETTER than Others ?

      • The other similar product in the open market is only level 1 or level 2 ,but ours included difficult from level 1 to level 3 .
      • MORE Challenging with Sequential Steps : require your dog’s ability to learn sequential steps and combinations for hidden treats .


      1. Yellow Round sliders is LEVEL 1: the most easy work for any dogs or puppy. Good for beginner or the pets first time training .
      2. The middle fan-shaped sliders is LEVEL 2 : Dogs has to learn move one by one to get the food or snacks.
      3. LEVEL 3 is the most challenge part for smart dogs : Dogs have to learn to figure out the sequential steps of the middle fan-shaped sliders and red sliders ,or they can not get the hidden treats. The problem stimulate their mind and brain strongly .
      4. Actually our upgraded puzzle can solve a whole brain training from puppy age to old age. If you have a smart puppy , this puzzle is perfect enough for long time playing and training .

        A wonderful gift toy for your pets to enjoy a holiday


        Dog Toys for Brain Stimulation

        Warm Remind:

        * NOT FOR CHEWING!!!

        * NO indestructible dog toys for a chewer dog ,if your dog like to pick-up and chewing toys ,remind to take away after using or it might destroyed the toy .

        *Recommend to use for PUPPY ,CAT and SMART DOS .

        *Not good for chewer or super big dogs.

        *Choose right level for your pets ,current product is level 1-level 3 . Good for beginner and great challenge for smart dogs who need more challenge.

        Products Details:

        Round puzzle toy Size: 10*10*1.2 inch / Bigger Size good for MD Dogs or Large Dogs

        Weight about 400g/pack .

        Package Included :

        *1X great package color box: beautiful gift .

        *1 x Dog puzzle toys .

        Quality Promise: Anyone unsatisfied with this interactive dog toy, 100% Service for YOU. Free replacement for any damaged.