ERKOON New 12 Pack Hamster Chew Toys Gerbil Rat Guinea Pig Chinchilla Chew Toys Accessories, Natural Wooden Dumbbells Exercise Bell Roller Teeth Care Molar Toy for Rabbits Bird Rabbits Hamster Gerbil



  • 12 Pack Hamster Chew Toys: Small animals chew toys pack includes grass apple tree ladder, apple wood block, seagrass ball, willow branch ball, rattan balls,roller, Timothy grass ball, apple stick ring,aquare molar block with rope, bell roller, apple sticks 50g, natural sweet bamboo gauge 50g.
  • Natural Wooden Chew Toys: Origin of natural wooden toys, selected first-class wood, natural sun drying, strict control of dehydration rate, toys with the taste of the sun, which is more comfortable to use.
  • Safe for Pet: The hamster chew toys are made of natural wood, safety and security, ensure small animals teething and relieve boredom of pet. Can also be let hamster in a cage looking for a bit of fun.
  • Durable Molar Toys: Hamster chew toys with exquisite and beautiful shape, after special anti-corrosion technology, not only are eco-friendly toys, but also are bite-resistant molar tools, ensure the healthy growth of small pet teeth, wholeheartedly care for your favorite.
  • Suitable for Rodents: The chew toy pack is great for hamster, chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, rabbits, birds and other small pets. Natural wooden toys gives your small rodent the prefect opportunity to play and work out.
  • Product description

    Product Features:
    – Selected first-class wood, natural sun drying, strict control of dehydration rate.
    – Polished many times, smooth corners to ensure that your pet will not be injured.
    – Not only are high quality toys, but also are bite-resistant molar tools.
    – Helping them play around their environment in a new fun way.
    – Help the small pet get rid of bored in the cage and looking for a bit of fun.
    – Keeping Guinea Pig and other small pets healthy and active.

    1. Because wooden blocks will expand and deform after encountering water. Also do not wipe with wet wipes.
    2. Usually we can use a clean cloth to wipe the building blocks, of course, not too hard, so as not to blur the picture of the building blocks.
    3. To prevent moisture, you’d better regularly put it on the airy balcony, but the time does not need to be too long.

    Package Includes:
    1* Grass Apple Tree Ladder
    1* Apple Wood Block
    1 *1* Seagrass Ball
    1* Willow Branch Ball
    1* Rattan Balls
    1* Roller
    1* Timothy Grass Ball
    1* Apple Stick Ring
    1* Aquare Molar Block with Rope
    1* Bell Roller
    1* Apple Sticks 50g
    1* Natural Sweet Bamboo Gauge 50g