Fischuel Quick Test UVB Sensor, Reptile UV Tester Heating Lamp Photochromic UVB Card Indicator,Available with UVB/C, Compatible with Sunglass Test & Sterilizing, Over 500 Times Reusable (2 Packs)



Brand Fischuel
Color Purple
Material Photochromic layer
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.94 x 2.56 x 0.2 inches
Item Weight 10 Grams
Style UV test
Shape 矩形

About this item

  • 🚀 – Simple Storage: Comes with 2-Packs UV sensor testing card and a card sleeve for easy carrying and storage.
  • 🙈 – Easy to Test: Just place the testing card 3.5 inches away from the heating lamp and wait for 10 seconds, which can quickly test if there is an ultraviolet ray.
  • 🌞 – Cover Testing: Cover the test card with your thumb, when the shows color difference between the thumb-covered and non-covered areas on the testing card, means that the UVB bulb is working normally.
  • ⏰ – Recyclable Times: Compatible with sunglass test & sterilizing, reusable 500 times. When not in use, you need to put it in a card sleeve or store it in a dark place.
  • 💡 – Campatibility:3.0 ~10.0 UVB bulb and Fluorescent bulb, such heating bulbs that carry ultraviolet rays.

  • Product Description

    UV sensor card
    uv testing card


    Non-regret Purchase

    Fischuel was founded in 2006 as manufacturer that produce plastic vivarium. In 2016, a premium holonomic catenary has been built to help reptile and aquatic enthusiast. Always believed in the “importance of serving a well-made, high quality product,” Fischuel wins many very loyal followings across the globe.

    About us

    Providing UV Intensity

    To use this card, all you do is put the testing card under the UV light and observe. If there is enough UV being put out, the color will appear clearly on the testing card. ​When the card absorbs enough UVB, it finally changes its color from white to purple.

    Replace the bulb annually or sooner if the card doesn’t show any color, a card can be used up to 500 times when used in 10-seconds increments.

    Providing the right type of heat to a reptile is just as important as the temperatures.

    • UV Testing Card X2
    • Card Sleeve X1
    uv Indicator reptile
    reptile testing card