iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers 100% Waterproof, Dog Seat Cover with Side Flaps from Scratching, Pet Seat Cover for Back Seat of Truck Machine Washable (Truck)




Measurements: 60″ W x 64″ L

Brand IBuddy
Position Front
Vehicle Service Type Truck

dog seat cover for Trucks

About this item

  • KEEP YOUR BACK SEAT CLEAN-The dog seat cover for trucks is keep almost all of the sand, hair, dirt, liquid contained making it much easier to clean. Meanwhile Keep the dog from trying to climb up to the front seat. Coming with a durable dog seat belt ensure you and your dog maximum security. Our dog truck seat cover specially designed for full-size trucks and large SUVs.
  • 100% WATERPROOF & DURABLE-We clearly know how important the dog truck seat cover waterproof. We select high quality heavy-duty waterproof oxford fabric and extra padded for comfortable trip. With durable stitched seams prevent rips or tears from dog claws. Ensures the best protection and long lasting use.
  • KEEP DOG SAFE- Convertible dog truck hammock that protects your dog from injury when emergency brake and sharp turn. If you are used for dog, come with dog seat belt and barrier prevent your dog jump to front seat when you are driving, you will be less distracted as a driver. You and your dog’s safe is the first.
  • SIDE FLAP&NONSLIP DESIGN-The side flaps help your fur baby easier to get in or out and meanwhile prevent from scratching bench seat when dog go on the car. With the rubberized anti slide bottom and seat anchors prevent from the dog seat cover slip around on beach.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN-Just need 1 minute easy to install with quick release clips, our dog truck seat cover offers maximum comfort and safety for your dogs. Enjoy your road trip never before! Wash it anytime in your washing machine and air dry.

  • Product Description

    dog seat cover for Trucks

    dog truck hammock

    Easy to install, easy to remove to clean. Keeps water, mud, hair, dirt off seats with our dog seat covers for truck. And this dog truck hammock keeps him/her out of the front seat and off of the floor. Reduce distraction and provide you a safe driving. You will look forward to Future trips with the dog and no matter where you stop the car seat will remain clean and your dog will be comfortable.


    * A new dog truck seat cover may have a smell, please wash it or place it in an outdoor ventilated place for hours before first use.

    *High temperature will shorten the useful life of pet seat cover. If it is not used for a long time, please take it down and store it.

    Washing Instructions

    It is easy to spot clean with a damp cloth, hand-held vacuum. For a deeper clean, it can be placed in the washing machine in cold water on the gentle cycle, and then air dry. Ensure excessive pet hair is removed with a lint remover tool prior to placing in the washing machine.

    dog truck seat cover

    100% WATERPROOF!-We clearly know how important of dog seat cover’s waterproof.

    Made of waterproof material, and also used hot pressing technology instead of quilting, without needle hole avoid leaking water.

    The flaps on the sides that protect the side of the seats when your dog jumps in the car.

    dog truck seat cover

    dog hammock for trucks

    dog truck seat covers

    dog truck seat cover

    dog truck seat covers

    Quick-Release Buckles

    Just need 1 minutes easy to install with quick release clips.

    Seat Anchors

    “Handles” keep it secured to the seat so it does not slip off.

    Anti Slide Bottom

    The rubberized anti slide bottom will ensure that the cover not move around on the car.

    Seatbelt Opening

    The Velcro openings for seat belt keeps your pets safe.