MyLifeUNIT Aquarium Plants 10 PCS and Fish Tank Plants Colorful Version 7PCS Bundle



Specific Uses for Product Aquarium
Color Multi
Material Plastic
Brand MyLifeUNIT

About this item

  • Two kinds of aquarium plants carefully selected to meet your daily fish tank decoration. Classic green and colorful fish tank plants will bring more attractive view of the aquarium
  • MyLifeUNIT Aquarium Seaweed Plastic Plant, made of eco-free safe pvc material, ceramic base, won’t contaminate water, color won’t fade
  • The ceramic base has a certain stability that allows the small plastic plants to stand upright in the aquarium.
  • Note: Plastic water plants may get squeezed and deformation during packaging, put into 104 – 140 F warm water get restored
  • SIZE: Plastic artificial plants range in height from 3.9 to 12.6 inches (100 mm-320 mm), making them a great fit for your tanks and larger.