ReptiChip Coconut Substrate for Reptiles Loose Coarse Coconut Husk Chip Reptile Bedding



1 Count (Pack of 1)

  • 🐍 INVEST IN A PREMIUM REPTILE SUBSTRATE for all reptile species. Use out of the bag for dry/arid reptile species, or add water for temperate or tropical animals.
  • 🐍 THE CLEANEST REPTILE SUBSTRATE: Sorted and refined here in the United States, this product is free of the dust and debris of blocked products. This loose chip bedding is ready to use—just add water for expansion and increased humidity.
  • 🐍 AN ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE: ReptiChip products are 100% organic, safe, and sustainable. ReptiChip deeply respects the environment. Through extensive research, we have found and utilize only the best sources of the highest quality coconut husk in the world. We take great measures to ensure that all processing, packaging, and delivering is executed with the environment in mind.
  • 🐍 RISK-FREE, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence! We proudly back all ReptiChip products with our Money Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, we will work quickly to issue a replacement or full refund—hassle free. Our customers and their animals are of utmost importance.
  • Product description

    Size:1 Count (Pack of 1)


    Pamper Your Pet Reptile With ReptiChip Premium Coconut Substrate

    Quality, premium, organic and eco-friendly reptile bedding for your snakes, tortoises, lizards, geckos, amphibians, and more! ReptiChip products are the preferred choice for both professional breeders and pet-keepers alike.

    An Advanced Coconut Chip Reptile Substrate!

    Proper husbandry is essential for all animals and betters their quality of life and health. ReptiChip is a superior quality reptile bedding, consisting of mixed sized coconut chips and short strand fiber, meticulously cleaned to remove dust and debris. Ready to use, loose chip—just add water.

    Great For All Of Your Reptiles And Amphibians!!

    Whether you keep a corn snake, milk snake, king snake, python, gecko, or turtle, this reptile bedding will work for your animals.

    Ultra absorbent ReptiChip Premium Coconut Substrate promotes an odor-free environment that also retains proper humidity for your reptiles. Providing your animals with this proper substrate ensures a comfortable enclosure, which encourages safe breeding for your python or boa.

    Easy To Use & Clean!

    To use ReptiChip, simply remove it from the bag and add the amount of water necessary for your reptiles.

    Why Choose ReptiChip Snake Bedding?

    ✔ Premium Quality 100% Organic Coconut Chips

    ✔ High End Manufacture – Carefully Cleaned And Free Of Dust And Debris

    ✔ Coarse Coconut Husk Chips

    ✔ Odor Absorbing And Hygienic; Perfect For Reptiles And Amphibians

    ✔ Provides And Retains Ideal Humidity Levels

    ✔ Eco Friendly, Sustainable Product

    ✔ Easy To Clean

    ✔ Ready To Use

    Order Yours Today 100% Risk-Free!

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