ReptiChip Compressed Coconut Chip Substrate for Reptiles 72 Quart Coco Chips Brick Bedding



10 Pound (Pack of 1)

  • 🐍 CREATE A HEALTHY HABITAT for your ball python or iguana with ReptiChip Coconut Substrate for reptiles. Its superb humidity retention helps form a tropical paradise in turtle and reptile terrariums.
  • 🐍 72-QUART COMPRESSED BRICK equals 10 lbs of safe, comfortable reptile bedding for professional breeders and serious hobbyists. Just add water to moisten and our pet snake substrate is ready to use.
  • 🐍 ODOR-ABSORBING ReptiChip Coco Substrate encapsulates waste product, making your gecko, python or turtle bedding a healthy environment for your pet and ensuring your own home is pleasant-smelling.
  • 🐍 100% ORGANIC coco chips are highly sustainable and earth-friendly. ReptiChip Breeder Block has been meticulously cleaned so it is a dust and dirt free hermit crab or ball python snake bedding.
  • 🐍 VERSATILE BIOACTIVE SUBSTRATE can be used as reptile or tortoise bedding. Its multifunctionality makes it an essential addition to your ball python tank accessories and hermit crab supplies.

  • Product Description


    Create a Lush Paradise

    Having the correct bedding is vital to the lifespan of your ball python, boa, colubrid or other reptile that thrives in tropical settings. ReptiChip Reptile and Snake Substrate helps you transform your terrarium or vivarium into a hot and humid climate that your pet can flourish in. Its superior humidity retention and natural composition offer the best environment for burrowing and breeding.

    We make our coconut chip substrate with superior quality coconut to offer you 100% organic, safe, reptile substrate.

    Warm Basking Spot

    ReptiChip Reptile Substrate is highly absorbent, leading to the elevated humidity levels that your ball python, corn snake, colubrid or boa will flourish in.

    • Retains heat easily
    • No fillers or fiber
    • Clean coco chips
    • Highly sustainable
    • Encapsulates odors
    • Comfortable nesting
    • Can be re-wetted
    • Easy to clean

    Mimic a Tropical Setting

    Create a rainforest feel in your vivarium or terrarium with ReptiChip Coconut Substrate for reptiles and amphibians. Add the necessary water for your specific snake, salamander, gecko or hermit crab and it is ready to use. The compressed breeder block breaks apart to provide up to 2.5 cubic feet of premium bedding and burrowing fun.

    • Coco substrate offers superb humidity retention
    • 100% natural bedding for your pet’s well-being
    • Maintain a tropical climate for iguanas & snakes
    • Odor absorption ensures a pleasant environment
    • 12” x 12” x 6” breeder block makes 72 quarts
    • For frog terrariums and ball python snake tanks
    • Meticulously cleaned of all dirt, dust & fiber
    • Tailor moisture level to the species you keep


    Clean, Natural Substrate

    ReptiChip Breeder Blocks consist of 100% genuine coconut chips. Free of any coco fiber, dust or dirt, it is a pure bedding that suits a variety of reptiles, amphibians and other tropical pets. It can be wetted as appropriate to accommodate corn snakes, colubrids, boas, geckos, monitors and iguanas. Your tarantula, hermit crab, treefrog or tortoise will also love its warm, welcoming environment.

    Reduce Terrarium Odor

    This natural snake tank substrate is highly odor-absorbent, encapsulating meal regurgitation and animal waste to lock-in any tell-tale smells. This helps you avoid the dreaded terrarium stench without using reptile deodorants that hamper respiration and overall well-being of your snake or lizard. Keeping the environment fresh and clean is vital to giving your pet the best quality of life.



    So Easy to Use

    The 12” x 12” x 6” ReptiChip Reptile Substrate Block makes 72 quarts or 2.5 cubic feet of premium bedding. Simply add an appropriate amount of water to it for your particular species. Ready to use right out of its package, ReptiChip Snake Substrate breaks apart into uniform chips with consistent cuts. This results in comfortable bedding and facilitates easy cleaning and tank maintenance.

    By Reptile Keepers

    Reptichip is created, owned and operated by reptile keepers. We are a Gold Member of the United States Reptile Keepers Association. We proudly sponsor many of the top reptile shows in the world. We do not re-brand agricultural products as reptile products. This commitment to quality is why ReptiChip is used by many of the biggest reptile breeders in North America and Europe.