Reptile Light Fixture, Makmzoon 5.5inch Deep Dome Reflector Domes with Switch Reptile Heat Lamp Fixture fit UVB UVA Bulb/Basking Heat Bulb/ Ceramic Heat Emitter



5.5 inch

  • [High uv Reflectivity] 5.5inch Light Fixture’s inner wall uses electroplating and polishing process, which has the best reflection ability for uva/uvb.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation] The top reserves four radiating and ventilating holes, which make the bulb work continuously and stably.
  • [E26 Ceramics Lamp Cap] 0.7mm aluminum shell and E26 ceramic lamp cap and ensure this lampshade can use a long life (suit for :Reptile ceramic heat lamp, UVB UVA basking spot lamp,UVB lamp,daylight and nightlight lamp,Infrared Spot Lamp and so on. Max 150W).
  • [Exquisite Appearance]Reflector Dome’s outside is mirror baking paint, black. Like an night elf.
  • [List of Sizes] Light Fixture’s length:5.5in; Dome’s Depth: 4.724 in; Line(With Independent switch ) length: 66.93 in;
  • Product Description

    Reptile Light Fixture

    5.5inch Deep Dome Reptile Light Fixture

    1. Polished aluminum reflector dome provide focused the light and heat to maintain a constant temperature and UV output;
    2. E26 ceramic cap + Nickel-plated interface + 0.7mm aluminum shell not only ensure this light fixture’s life, but bulb’s life.
    3. About 6-Foot power cord with an On/Off switch, convenient to use.
    4. It is recommended to use with hanging hook, spring clip or anti-scalding cover(this light fixture contain a hook).
    5. Suitable for 90% Bulbs – Ideal for use with UVB bulb , basking bulb, heat bulb and ceramic heat lamp.
    6. Anti-wear & Anti-corrosion:Outside is mirror baking paint ,ensure that the surface has always been beautiful.


    Three commonly used fixing methods


    lamp hock

    heat lamp

    Adjustable fixed light clip

    This accessory is not included with 5.5inch dome lampshade, but it is sold in Makmzoon’s shop.

    Fixed hook

    5.5inch dome lampshade comes with a hook in the box. If it is lost, please tell us, we will reissue it.

    Anti-scalding net

    This accessory is not included.

    Reptile Light Fixture

    Reptile Light Fixture

    Reptile Light Fixture

    Electroplating and polishing process

    5.5inch Light Fixture’s inner wall has high uv reflectivity. Very suitable for UVB lights.

    Ceramics Cap and Mirror baking paint

    Make sure your bulb could work continuously and stably.

    66.93 inch line, one Independent switch

    Can be used with Heat Lamp Fixture kit

    Suit for reptile UVB lamp, basking spot lamp,daylight and nightlight lamp,Infrared UVA Lamp, Plant lamp, Lighting lamp, and so on.

    Reptile Light Fixture

    Size : 5.5’‘ *5.5’‘

    • Material : Polished aluminum,ceramics,copper,plastic,Nickel-plated
    • Craft :electroplating and polishing process/mirror baking paint
    • Package includes: 5.5in Reflector Dome*1 & Accessory hook*1
    • Can be used with Heat Lamp Fixture kit Sold separately