SmartPetLove Heat Packs for Pets (6-Pack)



  • All natural, safe and non-toxic for humans and pets
  • Up to 24 hours of safe, comfortable warmth
  • Retail Savings over buying individual Heat Packs
  • Can be sealed in an airtight bag after opening for later use
  • Disposable and odorless

  • From the brand

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    Our Pets Are More Than Pets, They’re Family.

    Our story

    How we got our start?

    Since 1997 we’ve been helping pets and pet parents with problems such as separation anxiety, travel anxiety, whining and barking, fear of loud noises, crying at night, crate training, and more.

    What makes our product unique?

    We design our products to speak to your pet’s natural instincts in ways that alleviate anxiety, promote play and provide comfort and calm. Since its creation, Snuggle Puppy has become a much-needed friend for hundreds of thousands of pets.

    Why we love what we do?

    We’ve helped hundreds of shelters and organizations across the nation bring comfort to the animals waiting to be adopted through our Snuggle Puppy Cares program.

    Product Description

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    Heat Packs for Pets

    With no electricity, microwaving, or mess; our heat packs are perfect for comforting your furry friend on-the-go or at home.

    Replacement Heat Packs for The Original Snuggle Puppy, Snuggle Puppy Junior, and Snuggle Kitty

    Snuggle Puppy Insert Heart Heat Pack Kitty Junior

    Snuggle Puppy Pet Heat Packs 12 6 3 Set Dog Kitten Cat Kitty

    Snuggle Puppy Heat Pack Inside

    Easy to Use

    Our replacement heat packs are designed to provide reassuring comfort to your pet and fit right in to your Original Snuggle Puppy, Snuggle Puppy Junior, or Snuggle Kitty.

    All Natural

    Disposable, all natural, and odorless heat packs each stay warm for up to 24 hours and are safe for both people and pets.

    Long Lasting

    If you do not wish to use the heat pack for 24 hours, simply seal it in a plastic bag and squeeze out the air to stop the heating process.