Transparent Plastic Hamster Exercise Ball 4.7 Inch, Orange



Color Orange
Target Species Mouse, Hamster

About this item

  • Environmentally Friendly Materials: It is produced with brand-new PC material environmental protection material, safe, no smell, to protect the health of pets well.
  • Porous Design: There are multiple vent holes on the ball, Increase the ball friction and air circulation, which is safe and breathable, pets will not heat or feel difficult to breathe staying inside for a long time.
  • Hollow Runner: Ideal for dwarf hamsters, mice. Hollow design on both sides of the running wheel makes the running wheel more breathable and allows hamsters to aerobic exercise.Its transparent design will make you see clearly while the hamster doing exercise, and you can play together with your pet to increase more pleasure.
  • DIY Combination Toys: This small hamster ball can be connected to external pipes, and unlimited extension, allowing you to DIY combinations to increase the difficulty of pets!
  • Easy to Install: Adopt the lock design, it can be molded with a light press, easy to install!