Wepets Hamster Toys, For Hamster, Young Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Mice, Rats And Other Small Animals To Chew And Play With, Induce Them To Grind Their Teeth, reduce depression, and more intimate with you.



  • 14 PACK HAMSTER TOYS: Double layer swing, Induce ball, Wooden car, chew-guider, Apple sticks with sea grass, Dried sugarcane sticks, Wooden acorn, Wooden mushroom, Birch slices
  • NATURAL&SAFE&NO GLUE: Natural materials, Non-toxic and harmless, Even without any glue and metal materials that may harm small animals, And avoid the use of potentially threatening wood such as pine or cedar
  • WHAT KIND OF PETS MATCHES: The chew toys would be perfect for small animals such as HAMSTERS (dwarf, Syrian, Robo, Chinese……), Young Guinea Pigs (not too big), Gerbils, Mice, Rats and other small rodent.
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED: Under the premise of ensuring safety, The pets can chew them autonomously, And can also guide small animals to chew. At the same time, Similar Acorns, Wooden mushrooms and Birch slices can be used for DIY creation.
  • SERVICE COMMITMENT:As a professional pet toy brand manufacturer, If you have any questions, We provide 24-hour online after-sales service. If we can be of any further assistance, Please let us know!
    • Does his/her cuteness deserve more interesting toys?

    In addition to helping them grind their teeth, the design of the product itself is also interesting and can decorate their living environment to satisfy their curiosity and pursuit of life style.

    • Should I worry about your graffiti skills?

    Birch chips, wood mushrooms, and wood acorns also fulfill your creative desires. You can do it, right?

    • Natural Wood

    We use natural woods such as birch and apple wood, and avoid pine and cedar that contain volatile substances that may cause potential damage. They are polished and processed in multiple processes before sale to avoid injury.

    • Safe raw materials

    We do not use iron wires and all kinds of glue that may cause harm to hamsters, and completely remove residual toxic substances, parasites, etc. during the processing.

    Most of our products are independently designed and processed, almost completely handmade. We have our own designers and processing plants. Our goal is to produce toy products that are satisfactory to pets and owners.

    Have you ever seen a swing come with double-layer? It’s not only can be used to swing around, it can also for hiding.

  • Unique Designs
  • Tips

    1. Avoid being washed, exposed to the sun and placed in a humid environment
    2. When you use the suction cup for some reason, if it always falls off, please apply some water to the suction cup and stick it on a smooth surface, such as acrylic, glass, etc. If it doesn’t work, please don’t put it in the cage to avoid chewing it by mistake.
    3. He/she may not like every toy you give him right away, just like us, they need time to adapt. Let them go, They are so smart and have their own thoughts and character, let’s do respect their choices.
    4. The best way to make pets happy is to give them freedom when they need (such as sleeping), and when they need company, you are their best friend.
    5. If they are still unhappy and restless, prepare a bigger room for them. Although they are small, they are energetic and need a lot of space to play.