Chew King Premium Treat Dog Toy, Medium, Large, XL, Extremely Durable Natural Rubber Fillable Toy Collection, “Frozen Feeding” (XL) pack of 1



XL (Pack of 1)

Target Species Dog
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes
Brand Chew King
Color Blue
Material Rubber

About this item

  • one cool treat: need to soothe an anxious pet, reward great behavior, or just slow down mealtime a bit? the chill fill is a fun, engaging pet toy that accomplishes all of the above, and it comes in three sizes to treat almost any loving pup!
  • “Frozen Feeding”: Just fill the treater with kibble, add a bit of water and store it in the freezer. The next time your loyal pooch deserves a reward, you’ll have one ready to go!
  • natural rubber: the chill fill is made of durable, non-toxic natural rubber. it’s spongy but resilient, easy on your pet’s gums but still withstands regular chomping as he tries to get out every last bit of kibble.
  • safety vent: your dog’s mouth may as well be his hand, and it’s worth protecting. chew king products are all designed with a safety air vent at the bottom – it keeps happy tongues from getting stuck when trying to enjoy a treat!
  • dishwasher safe: whenever the chill fill gets a bit too grimy, cleanup couldn’t be easier. just toss it on the top rack of your dishwasher, hit go and, voila, it’s ready for treating again.

  • From the manufacturer

    Chill Fill

    chill fill

    treat toy

    dog toy

    chew king


    Fill your Chill Fill with kibble. No need to measure out your pups food with the easy premeasured Chill Fill call out right on your Chill Fill.


    Once filled with kibble, take your Chill Fill to the sink and fill it up with water! Be sure to plug the hole at the bottom of the Chill Fill to ensure all your kibble gets damp in order to freeze! Drain excess water. If your pet eats wet food – skip this step!

    “Frozen Feeding”

    Next, store your Chill Fill in the freezer. Chill Fill’s unique shape allows for you to stack multiple Chill Fills together to meal prep for your dog for the week! Store horizontal or vertical in your freezer door – if stored vertically be sure to set your Chill Fill in a cup to catch excess water.


    Take your Chill Fill out of the freezer and watch your pup happily go to town on his favorite meal!

    Chill Fill

Product description

Size:XL (Pack of 1)

Got a pup who’s a bit nervous every time you leave home? Here’s the perfect way for him to chill out. The Chew King Chill Fill is made of non-toxic, natural rubber and fits a meal’s worth of treats for almost any pups – it comes in three different sizes – all in a shape that makes a fun challenge for your pet. “Frozen Feeding” – just fill with your pup’s favorite kibble, add a bit of water, and park a Chill Fill in your freezer. The next time you’re headed out the door, want to slow down dinnertime a bit, or just want to give your pal a treat, take it out and watch him happily go to town.