Josh's Frogs Insect Watering Gel



1 Pound (Pack of 1)

Brand Josh’s Frogs
Item Form Gel
Item Weight 0.95 Pounds

About this item

  • NO DROWN feeder insect water source great for crickets, roaches, mealworms, superworms and any other insect that needs to drink
  • READY TO USE gel that is already hydrated and available as soon as you see your insects are out
  • NO UNWANTED GROWTH like in water dishes or sponges, Watering Gel is much more sanitary and safe
  • DOESN’T GO BAD as it gets older; it does not need to be refrigerated nor will it get smelly
  • MORE FEEDER INSECT SUPPLIES from Josh’s Frogs. We also offer Cricket Cuisine, Fruit Fly Media, Roach Rations, Watering Gels, Worm Food, Beetle Batter, Bean Beetle Food, Clean Up Crew Cuisine, supplements, beddings and live feeders!
  • Product Description

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    Josh’s Frogs Insect Watering Gels

    Josh’s Frogs Insect Watering Gel provides the perfect watering source for your feeder insects, like Cric kets and Dubia Roaches. Insects can drown in a water bowl, but Josh’s Frogs Insect Watering Gel is Drown-Free!


    Insects should always have access to Josh’s Frogs Insect Watering Gel. Place in a shallow dish in their enclosure. Replace as needed. As long as the bag is sealed after use, there is no need to refrigerate.

    Two types of Watering Gels

    Josh’s Frogs has both normal Insect Watering Gel that is purely for hydration, as well as a Calcium Watering Gel that supplies calcium!


    • Water
    • Potassium-based polymer crystals
    • coloring