Josh's Frogs Loose Coco Cradle Fiber 10 Liter Bag



10 Liter Bag

  • ECO-FRIENDLY ORGANIC and 100% BIODEGRADABLE unlike some reptile substrates that are contributing to deforestation and then go to the landfill
  • INCREASES HUMIDITY for animals that need moderate to high humidity
  • ABSORBENT composition allows it to soak up messes and odors, leaving a cleaner habitat for your pet
  • GROW PLANTS well with Coco Cradle when mixed with regular soil or perlite
  • Approximately 3.25 pounds

  • Product Description

    pile of loose coco cradle

    About Coco Cradle

    Josh’s Frogs Coco Cradle is created from finely ground coconut husk, sometimes called coco fiber, coconut fiber, or simply coco.

    Josh’s Frogs Coconut Beddings and Substrates are direct from a family-owned production facility in Sri Lanka and are organically grown, 100% natural, and safe for your pets.

    coco fiber out of the bag

    pac man frog


    How to Prep:

    Unlike bricks, these bags do not require to be soaked and broken apart. Just moisten what you plan on adding to the enclosure to increase humidity.

    Only moisten what you plan to use, do not store wet.

    For Animal Use:

    Coco Fiber is soft, absorbent, easy to clean and facilitates burrowing. Coco Fiber is perfect for a wide range of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates that require moderate to high humidity like:


    • Crested Geckos and Day Geckos
    • Tropical Tortoises
    • Pac Man Frogs and Tree Frogs
    • Anoles and other tropical lizards
    • Red Tail Boas
    • Hermit Crabs (when mixed with play sand)
    • Emperor Scorpions, Tarantulas, Millipedes and other invertebrates


    For Horticultural Use:

    Josh’s Frogs Coconut Substrates can also be used in horticulture as a growing medium, moisture retainer, soil conditioner, mulching agent, or root developer for home, garden, or commercial purposes. Coconut fiber can retain 8-9 times its weight in water. In addition to water, coconut fiber does a great job absorbing nutrients, aerating soil, and promoting healthy root growth.