LSAIFATER All Around 360° Sunbath and Lower Support Safety Iron Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat for Any Cats




【EXQUISITE GIFT】Cats will like to hang out and sleep in the sun, so help him find a suitable cat window perch so      that you can give him sunshine and happiness.

  • 【DESIGN WITH CARE】To provide a safe sunbath for cats, and at the same time give cats more space to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window comfortably, we have selected steel to make, the lower support and the shelf form a stable and safe triangle, and we have increased the size of the suction cup to allow The cat hammock can hold up to 50lbs.
  • 【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】You can easily and quickly follow the instruction guide to install or remove it in a few minutes without any tools. At the same time, you can discuss the installation method and installation location of the cat window perch with cat lovers.
  • 【MACHINE WASHABLE】Removable Rugged Fabric Mat, waterproof, quick-drying and easy to clean. Save you worry about cleaning cat supplies.
  • 【AFTER SALES SERVICE IN PLACE】”LSAIFATER” is committed to quality service. If the product is considered as defective, contact us for free replacement or lightning refund.

    Product description

    Color:Larger Grey

    Cats Love the sunbath
    It is well known that cats are always looking for a place with a nice view to enjoy the sunshine. The cat window perch can provides a safe 360° Sunbath for cats.

    Cats Love the Climbing
    The cat window perch not only creates a relatively safe climbing environment for your cat, but also a way to improve its balance, flexibility and muscle growth.

    Why not give your LOVELY CAT a Special Gift?
    Let the Cat Feel Your Love, Give your cats the best seat in the house! Keep cats warm and happy.

    LsaiFater Cat Window Perch has the following advantages:
    Easy to follow the instruction guide assemble quick and effortless without any tools.

    The big suction cup for this cat window perch can hold up to 50lbs, and this cat window perch is made of iron and steel and is strong and strong.

    Removable Rugged Fabric Mat, waterproof, quick-drying and easy to clean.

    If the product is considered as defective, contact us for free replacement or lightning refund.

    1. To avoid suction cups falling, please make sure the suction cups and window are clean.
    2. The suction cups need to be installed on smooth surface. Please note that rough surfaces are not suitable for installation.
    3. Put the suction cups into warm water(50℃-70℃) for 2-4 minutes and use it after drying. It is simple and helpful to make the suction cups stronger.
    4. Please pay attention to the step 9 of installation, the hook head of metal support arm is horizontal to the pipe wall, not vertical, and then hook into the hole.

    Installation size:
    Hammock area: 23.62″ x 11.81″ (L x W)
    Distance between section cups of hammock: 17.32″
    Support height: 13″
    Distance between section cups of lower