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Color:Bird Toys-Cross
Different sizes, shapes, and colors of the blocks make an instant hit with your bird.
  • This parrot chewing toy set meets daily anti-Anxiety and behavior management.
  • The set is much more challenging to chew or destroy hours and hours with well-made quality.
  • Wood blocks united in a sturdy chain, while the cage hanging clip is safe and will not injure furry friends.
  • Entertaining enough to keep birds busy for a long period and they do enjoy playing with it.
  • Product description

    Color: Bird Toys-Cross

    Are you still trying to keep bird busy with something besides pulling and barbering his own feathers?
    Do you want to give them various toys to bring entertainment?
    Just try this Bird Chewing Toys Set.

    Material: Natural wood+rattan Weight:1 lb
    Size:15*6 inches

    Come and Choose this toy set for your beloved furry friend, they will enjoy playing with it.

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