Pet Soft Washable Female Diapers (3 Pack) - 2021 Latest Female Dog Diapers, Comfort Reusable Doggy Diapers for Girl Dog in Period Heat (XS) animal print pack of 3




X-Small (Pack of 3)

  • [Pet Soft Washable Female Dog Diapers XSmall] Waist 7-10”, best for small puppies; Pet Soft reusable girl dog diapers are specifically designed for small to medium female dogs;
  • [3 Cute Counts Per Package] Each with 3 cute patterns perfect for homes with multiple pets; more pieces for accident; washable dog diapers environmentally friendly and economical;
  • [Reusable & Strong] Well-tailored by durable and quality fabric, these female puppy diapers can stand up frequent washing and everyday use; wider Velcro allow dogs moving freely and not easy to slip off;
  • [Quick Absorb & Leak-Proof]:With super absorbed inner pads girl dog diapers perfect for untrained or incontinent puppies or dogs in heat/continent; elastic waist prevents leaking and possible damage to furniture;
  • [After Service] XS, S, M, L, you will find the one your needs; choosing Pet Soft washable female dog diapers, 30 days after service, any question please feel free to contact us; Pet Soft is always at your service!

Product Description

Pet Soft Reusable Female Girl Dog Diapers Washable

Pet Soft is aiming at providing products for helping pet parents dealing with pet training or behavioral problems for many years;

The new design washable female Dog Diapers ( reusable girl dog diapers) with super absorbent pads, fur-friendly fastener and leak-proof safeguard can help keep your fur-friends beautiful soft and comfortable all days; and with these safe materials, they are puppy-friendly;

Pet Soft washable female dog diapers come in 4 sizes, XS (extra small for new born babies) small medium and large, pls according to the size chart and choosing the suitable one when you order

Upset For These


Pet Soft Female Diapers Washable

  • Slight pee that do not need aborsbent disposable diapers?
  • Little puppies pee on the floor, sofa, even on your bed?
  • Young doggies on excitable period?
  • Elder dogs urinary continence?


Don’t worry, Pet Soft reusable female diapers can handle it!

Pet Soft Washable female Dog Diapers are designed for new born little puppy training or girl dogs with incontinence, excitable urination or in heat. The large material Velcro will keep the diapers in the right place no matter how naughty your baby is, which can save your furniture or floor away from unwanted accidents

Product Details of Pet Soft Washable Female Dog Diapers




Inner Absorbent Pads

There are 2 thicker inner soft fiber pads help the liquid quickly penetrate into the second layer; and with the elastic waist guard, no pee or mess anywhere;

Waterproof and Breathable Outer

Breathable out-layer allow the odor emit through tiny pores on the surface, keep dogs dry and comfortable; while the outer waterproof material can help your furniture away from moist;

3 Kinds Patterns

There are 3 different patterns for your choice; and one pack have 3 color, one on your dog, one for accident and one in wash;

size dog


Pet Soft Dog Diapers Washable
  • 3 Beautiful Counts Per Package
  • Reusable & Strong
  • Quick Absorb & Leak-Proof
  • Great After Service


Get the Right Fit for Your Furry baby !

Use s tape measure to take following measurements while the dog is standing up

  • Waistline Measure dog narrowest point around the waist.
  • Measure dog from the top of the base tail long back waist.
  • C Measure dog from the bottom of base tail underneath to waistline.


X-Small A 7-10” B 4.5” C 6.3”

Small A 10-14” B 5.5” C 8.5”

Medium A 14-19” B 6.5” C 10.5”

Large A 19-25” B 8” C 12”


With You( Pet Soft Washable Female Diapers Large)

Accompany is the longest confession of love; you are the only in his lifetime; when she getting elder, incontinence with pee; choosing Pet Soft Reusable dog diapers to keep he comfy

Care Your Little New Born Baby

Growing up with Your Little Baby

Playing with Your Best Partners

Enjoying Happy Life with Your Elder Friends