PoyPet 2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness with 4 Snap Buckles, Reflective with Front & Back 2 Leash Hooks and an Easy Control Handle [NO Need Go Over Dog’s Head] (Sm)



Size Small
Color Red
Pattern Solid
Brand PoyPet
Material Sturdy Plastic Buckle, Wear-resistant Oxford Surface, Nylon Strap, Breathable Air Mesh with Soft Padded Cushion, Durable Metal D-Ring

About this item

  • SIZE – SMALL : Neck Girth: 12-18” , Chest Girth: 14-24”. Very Important to Measure Before Buying. When it properly, two fingers should barely between the fur and strap.
  • EASY TO WEAR: 4 quick-release buckles make it easy to get on and off, NO need go over your dog’s head! Just place it on his/her back, slip an arm through, clasp the black clasps, and done!
  • NO PULL FEATURE: By using the D-ring on the front of the harness, you are able to get your dog to keep from pulling. If the dog pulls, they end up turned around facing you, so they quickly learn to stop pulling.
  • 4-WAY AJUSTMENT: It is adjustable from four points, so you can make it fit snugly and your dog will have plenty of room to grow.
  • FOR BETTER CONTROL: The soft handle on the back is very useful to help train and guide, and is also helpful when need to pick them up to change directions. You can also use it on car rides if your dog likes to stick half his/her body out the window, so the handle currently serves purpose in you holding it so you can better keep him/her in the truck and not yank on his/her little neck.

  • Product Description


    Canine behaviorists recommend a harness with a front leash ring for any dog that pulls: “Don’t ever let her/him pull you. Stop, give her/him treats, wait until she/he listens.”

    When leashed to the chest ring, your dog won’t want to pull at all. Much safer than a Gentle Leader.

    We must know, an excited dog can whip his/her neck in the wrong direction and cause a serious injury.

    So a NO PULL Dog Harness is essential!



    Step 1: Measure Dog’s Neck Girth;

    Step 2: Measure Dog’s Chest Girth;

    Step 3: You should be able to fit two fingers under the straps.

    It is better to set aside 1”on the lower/upper limit.



    XS—-Neck: 10-12″; Chest: 10-20″

    S —–Neck: 12-18”; Chest: 14-24”

    M —–Neck: 14-20”; Chest: 16-28”

    L —–Neck: 16-24”; Chest: 22-33”

    XL —-Neck: 22-33”; Chest: 28-39” (Strap width:1 inch)

    XL Plus —- Neck: 22-33”; Chest: 22-44” (Strap width:1.5 inch)

    The length of the top strap that connects the neck piece to the chest strap:

    XS—- 4.13″ S —- 4.33″ M —-5.51″ L —- 5.9″ XL—–6.89




    Easy Wear & Easy Removal

    It is super easy to put on & take off! The 4 snaps make it very adjustable for a great fit at the neck and girth. You don’t have to put over the dog’s head.

    Mix & Match

    As for the design, since the top and bottom pieces separate you could buy 2 harnesses and mix and match tops and bottoms. It is really Unique and Eye-catching!

    No Pull Leash Attachments

    You can attach a leash to the chest & back area. The one on the chest for no-pull/no-choke feature when walking or training. Another on the back for keeping your dog stay at home or yard or casual walks, jogging, hiking, etc.




    Highly Reflective

    The reflective stitching is also an important safety feature! The reflective strips are pretty bright and can easily be seen for night walks. It is also good for finding where your dogs are wandering in the yard at night!

    Better Control by Handle

    Handle on the back is thick and sturdy. It is very useful to help train and guide and can prove useful for emergency control, or help assist your dog with stairs, cars… You can also use it in your car with a seat belt attachment.

    Breathable & Comfortable

    It is built with heavy duty but breathable material. The back and the chest areas are padded, with a breathable mesh, so that they won’t cause irritation. Breathable padding keeps dogs comfortable while restrained. Your dog can even fall asleep in it!