Cytheria Aquarium Aquascape Tools Kits, Long Stainless Steel Tweezers Scissors Spatula Carrying, Tool Aquascaping Tools Kit Bonsai Kit Plant Tools Algae Scrapers for Fish Tank (6 Pack)



Brand: Cytheria

  • 【EASY TO USE】Which can be used for clipping and removing withered and decaying leaves from aquarium plants,perfect for aquatic pruning, rearranging, maintaining, cleaning, trimming, grooming and planting, maintenance that does not disturb the rest of the decor/plants.
  • 【PROTECT PLANTS】Stainless steel aquarium tools suit for small or thin water plants, help trim excess parts, It won’t hurt the plant’s cross-section, more convenient than using a hand.
  • 【ANTI-RUST AND ANTI-CORROSION】Superior quality stainless steel will never suffer rust if rinse and dry after each use also will last for a long time. No pollution to water, maintain healthy life water for fishes.
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN】Designed according to the human engineering principle, provides an easy and convenient operation. Specially designed delicate clip end, help grip stuff securely without ever slipping off.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】This 6 in 1 aquarium tank aquascape tools kits including 2*10″” curved scissors, 1*10 straight scissors, 1*9.8″” straight tweezers, 1*9.4″” curved tweezers, 1*12.6″” sand spatula.
  • Product description

    You can use the tool set to trim aquatic plants, fix or adjust the plants rocks and such, move the sand or gravel around and grab
    things without putting all of your hand inside the tanks.
    If you are looking to make your aquascaping life easier, this tool set would be helpful.
    The tools come in a drawstring bag and would be a nice gift.

    Why you need the 6 in 1 aquarium aquascaping kit?
    [Curved Scissors]: Gets into hard-to-reach places and mows down foreground plants or trim those overgrown aquatic plants.
    [Substrate Spatula]: A great tool to create smooth substrate slopes and terraces.
    [Straight Tweezers]: Securely grasp your items during maintenance and setup.
    [Curved Tweezers]: Plant your live aquatic plants with comfort and ease.

    Warm Tips
    1.Please make this product stay away from fire, toxic, flammable and danger things.
    2.In order to long time use, please wash the product after use.
    3.Because of the product has sharp tip part, please keep away from the children under the age of 3 and the pets